Capresso Coffee Makers

Everyone who knows where the name “Capresso” come from, raise your hand. Didn’t think so. “Capresso” combines the words “cappuccino” and “espresso” to produce, as they say, “something new and distinctive in the world of coffee”.

Besides coining a new word, since the birth of the brand in 1994, Capresso, taking advantage of advanced Swiss technology and unique product design, has been responsible for numerous firsts in the coffee-brewing industry, from unsurpassed technology for the CoffeeTEAM line of coffeemaker/conical burr grinder combinations to innovative new espresso makers, water kettles and automatic milk frothers that stand out for their advanced features. Focusing on product, quality and useful innovations Capresso produces top-quality, well designed products that deliver outstanding performance, convenience and high reliability for the coffee drinker that will not settle for “second” best.

Capresso CM300 Programmable Thermal Coffee Maker
Capresso CM300 Programmable Thermal Coffee Maker

For your morning coffee, wouldn't you like to rely on the coffee maker that has been rated Number 1 on the list of 10 Best Coffee Makers On The Market by Business Insider? Well you can, with the No. 1 Capresso CM300 Programmable Thermal Coffee Maker. Some of the many great features include:
  • Favorite Feature:: Removable 50 oz. water tank makes filling the CM300 with fresh water super easy and convenient
  • 24 hour programmable clock/timer
  • 10 Cup stainless steel thermal serving carafe
  • Drip stop allows you to remove the carafe and to pour coffee without having to wait for the brewing cycle to be completed: Second Favorite
  • No more wasting money on throw-away filters: Permanent GoldTone filter is included
  • Water level indicator
  • Push button swing out filter
  • Special setting for 3 to 5 cups
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Capresso On-the-Go Coffee Maker
Capresso On-the-Go Coffee Maker

Compact size, solid construction, and an included stainless steel thermal travel mug highlight Capresso’s On-the-Go Coffee Maker, for the On-the-Go Coffee Lover. Features include:
  • Brews from ground coffee or from coffee pods
  • Coffee is brewed directly into the 16-oz stainless steel thermal travel mug that is designed to fit in most car cup-holders
  • Brews coffee at the ideal temperature of 200º F
  • Removable permanent filter
  • Large shower head thatt is perfect for maintaining accuracy in bean saturation and flavor extraction
  • Automatic shuts-off once coffee is ready to be served

Capresso 12 Cup Coffee Maker
Capresso 12 Cup Coffee Maker

Lots of thirsty coffee lovers just clamoring for a cup? Well, this 12 Cup Coffee Maker from Capresso brews those 12 cups in under ten minutes - much less than a minute per cup. Features:
  • Programmable Clock/Timer with LCD display
  • Illuminated LCD display shows time, grind and strength settings
  • Water tank has easy to read 4 to 12 cup markings
  • 2 Hour Safety Shut-Off
  • Capresso GoldTone Filter Included
  • Drip Stop and Stop-and-Serve, serve a cup while the pot is brewing
$59.99 and FREE Shipping!

Capresso MG600 Plus
Capresso MG600 Plus

10 Cups of coffee for your thirsty coffee-loving group of friends, family or interlopers? Well, then, it’s Capresso’s MG600 Plus 10 Cuo coffee maker you’re looking for! Features:
  • Unique 1200 watt stainless steel-lined heating system eliminates water contact with aluminum and reduces the need for decalcifying.
  • Brews 10 cups of coffee in under 8 minutes for maximum flavor and aroma.
  • Drip stop allows you to pour coffee during the brewing cycle
  • Permanent GoldTone filter included
  • Beautiful high-gloss milled steel body
  • 10 Cup, 50 oz, Glass serving carafe
  • 2-hour safety shut-off
  • Water level indicator.
  • Coated non-stick warming plate
  • Concealed cord storage
$89.99 and FREE Shipping!

Capresso 5 Cup Mini Drip Coffee Maker
Capresso 5 Cup Mini Drip
Coffee Maker

Did you know that the longer water is in contact with coffee grounds the more bitter the taste of the final brew? Capresso knows that and that's why their coffee makers are built so that their coffee is brewed in less than a minute per cup. That great taste from fast brewing will be yours with the Capresso 5 Cup Mini Drip Coffee Maker!
  • 5 Cup glass serving carafe with drip free pouring
  • GoldTone filter eliminates the need for paper filters
  • LCD display with 24 hour programmable clock/timer
  • Drip stop allows a cup to be poured during brewing
  • 2 hour auto shut-off
  • One Year Mfg. Warranty

Capresso Coffee a la Carte
Capresso Coffee a la Carte

Brand New from Capresso, Coffee a la Carte brews a full carafe or an individual custom cup of coffee or tea, using Capresso’s innovative cup-to-carafe brewing system. Additional features include:
  • Innovative brewing system adjusts automatically to the amount of ground coffee in the filter to deliver your preferred strength of coffee (mild to double strength)
  • Optimal brewing with wide, maximum bean saturation and flavor extraction brew head
  • Always brews over 200 degrees
  • Brews into your coffee mug or the included 42 oz, coffee carafe
  • Removing cup platform reveals warming plate for the glass carafe
  • Quick heat pump brewing system can brew a cup of coffee in less than 60 seconds
  • Separate coffee and tea filters
  • Four Programmable serving sizes (2 - 10 oz.) for small, large, carafe and tea
  • 52 oz removable water tank
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Capresso Steam Pro 4-Cup Espresso Machine
Capresso Steam Pro 4-Cup
Espresso Machine

Capresso’s Steam Pro 4-Cup Espresso Machine features a steam boiler design that heats up water and then forces the hot water through ground coffee into the 4 cup glass serving carafe. Simple, huh?. More features include:
  • Quick warm up time produces four cappuccinos in under 5 minutes
  • Boiler cap has built-in safety valve
  • Coffee/Steam selector allows you to go from espresso brewing to steaming
  • Adjust espresso coffee strength to your taste
  • Swivel frother with adjustable steam output allows you steam or froth milk for latte and cappuccino
  • Removable drip tray for easy clean up
  • Four Cup, 12 oz. dishwasher safe glass serving carafe
$59.99 and FREE Shipping!

Capresso Cafe Espresso and Cappuccino Machine
Capresso Cafe Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

Compact and with easy access to controls, Capresso’s Cafe Espresso and Cappuccino Machine makes a continuous stream of delicious espresso, cappuccino and lattes.
  • Two sieves to make one or two espressos or other brews
  • Selector switch to choose espresso/cappuccino or steam/hot water
  • Frother swivels into two positions to produce unlimited steamed milk or frothed milk, in any container
  • Water temperature indicator light
  • Self-locking, removable 48 oz. water reservoir
  • Stainless steel steam wand that dispenses hot water
$159.99 and FREE Shipping!

Capresso Coffee Team TS
Capresso Coffee Team TS with Conical Burr Grinder

If you are a real coffee lover you understand that you will only be satisfied if your coffee is brewed from freshly ground beans, and not from grounds that have been stashed in a can for a week, a month, or ……? And how better to get to that first cup in the morning than with the machine that does it all, one that Grinds and then Brews, like Capresso’s Coffee Team TS with Conical Burr Grinder built right in?
  • Programmable Clock/Timer -Wake up to a full pot of coffee
  • Illuminated LCD display that shows time, grind and strength settings
  • Professional programmable conical steel burr coffee grinder that imparts minimal heat, preserving more aroma than blade grinders
  • Five coffee grind fineness settings for light to dark beans, five cup size settings and three strength settings
  • Unlike other grind and brew coffee makers, the Capresso Coffee Team TS separates the grinder and brewer keeping moisture away from the grinder
  • Charcoal Water Filtration System removes chlorine and other impurities
  • Stainless steel 10 Cup thermal carafe keeps the coffee hot for hours while maintaining taste and aroma
  • Can be used without the grinder - uses pre-ground coffee as well, if that is your choice
  • Drip Stop and Stop-and-Serve, serve a cup while the pot is brewing
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Capresso EC Pro
Capresso EC Pro

Become an instant “Home Barista” when using Caprosso’s EC Pro's included enhanced portafilter that eliminates the immediate need for a grinder and tamping. As your barista skills advance, you can then make use of the included “bottomless” portafilter handle that uses your ground coffee and allows you to see the extraction as it takes place.
  • The advanced design boiler of the EC PRO maintains a reserve of hot water to aid in delivering the perfect temperature for each espresso
  • Pump system features a pump capable of 15BAR pressure
  • Commercial style power frother
  • 42 ounce removable water container for more espresso and less refilling
  • Large, integrated cup warming tray on the top of the machine
  • Front-panel indicator lights show you at a glance when the power is on and whether the "Coffee/Steam" mode is selected
  • Large knob on the front to engage either brewing mode or steaming mode
  • Stainless steel drip tray is easily removed and easily cleaned
$249.99 and FREE Shipping!

Capresso Metal Infinity Burr Grinder
Capresso Metal Infinity Burr Grinder

With a wide range of settings, Capresso’s Metal Infinity Burr Grinder can grind from Turkish fine to coarse for French Press (and all those in between). Additional features:
  • The Capresso Infinity uses the same burrs as found in fully automatic commercial machines. The advanced conical burr design and gear reduction motor creates less friction and heat, preserving maximum flavor and aroma in any grind setting
  • Slow grinding minimizes static build-up
  • 16 Grinder settings
  • Removable ground coffee container holds up to 4 oz. of ground coffee
  • Heavy duty solid metal die cast housing with a stylish brushed chrome finish
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