Colanders and Strainers

Don’t try holding lettuce and cherry tomatoes under the faucet, you KNOW some of it will end up in the sink and probably down the drain. Wash those veggies the quick, easy way, in a Colander or in a Strainer. They’re inexpensive, and will pay for themselves many times over, and very soon. Choose from modern plastics, traditional ceramics, or classic stainless.

Preserve Colanders
Preserve Colanders

Preserve 100% Recycled BPA-Free colanders feel different than other colanders: they're smooth yet easy to hold.
  • Contents drain and empty quickly and efficiently
  • Heavyweight recycled plastic makes them exceptionally long lasting
  • Easy-grip handles
  • Small 1.5 quart Colander - $9.99
  • Large 3.5 quart Colander - $14.99
  • Set of One Small and One Large - $22.99
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in USA
Preserve Colander, Small Green
Preserve Colander, Large Green
Preserve Colander, Small Red
Preserve Colander, Large Red
Preserve Colander, Small White
Preserve Colander, Large White
Preserve Colander Set:
Green, Red or White

Dexas® Over-The-Sink Silicone Strainer Board
Dexas Over-The-Sink Silicone Strainer Board

Durable non-porous, odor resisting Dexas Over-The-Sink Silicone Strainer Board provides the easy way to wash and prepare veggies,lettuce, potatoes and more.
  • Non-slip handles grip surfaces to keep the board securely in place during use
  • Removable silicone strainer basket
  • Silicone strainer basket expands to the capacity of 2-½ quarts
  • Collapsible strainer washes clean when collapsed
  • Collapses flat for storage

Cook's Garden

Vintage Enamel Colander
Vintage Enamel Colander

These Vintage Enamel Colanders are one-of-a-kind finds and each is unique as to colors, patterns, and marks.
  • They bear the marks of wear from their previous lives
  • 5.5" H x 12" Diameter

Strawberry Colander
Strawberry Colander 3 Piece Set

Strawberry Fields, Forever…… Well, in your kitchen, at least, with this spicy three-piece Strawberry Colander Set. Included:
  • Colander
  • Strawberry Huller
  • Strawberry Slicer