Electric Percolators

In this day and age of the automatic Coffee Maker and the Single Serve Coffee Machine, many people fondly remember the great taste and wafting, enticing aroma produced by a real coffee percolator. The stovetop percolator, and later the electric percolator, produced sensory excitement, and almost erotic desire, for the perfect cup of coffee. Most of the time, that was fulfilled, by the erie crackling noises, by the ominous outpouring of steam, by the true coffee taste, and by the intoxicating aromas, all produced by the percolator. Go back in time, to those glorious years past, before the automation of the coffee brewing process, and enjoy a REAL cup of coffee.

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Presto 6-Cup Stainless-Steel Coffee Coffeemaker, Model 02822

Presto's 6-Cup Stainless Steel Coffeemaker makes rich, flavorful coffee automatically, at a cup a minute, with a signal light that indicates when the coffee is ready to serve. Additional features include a stainless-steel filter basket and perk tube for durability, a signal light that tells when coffee is ready, and a detachable cord for easy storage.

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Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel
Percolator, Model 40616

Hamilton Beach's 12 cup Percolator makes delicious coffee in less than a minute per cup, the old-fashioned way. Features include:
  • Keeps brewed coffee warm
  • Ready-to-serve light indicates coffee is ready and gentle keep warm has begun
  • Cool-touch convenient handle
  • Beautiful chrome finish
  • Easy-to-read measurement markings for ease in filling
  • Drip-free spout
  • Permanent stainless steel filter basket
  • Detachable cord
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Cuisinart 12-cup Classic Electric
Percolator, Model PRC-12

The classic stainless steel percolator from Cuisinart. Piping hot water percolates through the grounds, and pulses up into the glass knob on top. A detachable cord and stay-cool button lets this percolator go anywhere to serve, and it only needs to be plugged in to keep it hot. The long precision spout allows for pouring without spills, and the ready indicator light shows when coffee is ready to pour and enjoy.

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Farberware Percolators

The traditional stainless steel electric percolator lives on with attractive percolators, from Farberware. Available in three sizes, they feature stay cool handles and cover knobs, fast cup-a-minute brewing speed, detachable cords, and automatic switchover to "keep warm" temperature.

Farberware 2-4 Cup Percolator
Model FCP240
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Farberware 2-8 Cup Percolator
Model FCP280 - $59.99
Farberware 4-12 Cup Percolator
Model FCP412
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West Bend 12-Cup Stainless Steel Percolator, Model 54149

West Bend's stainless steel Percolator will brew from two to 12 cups of aromatic, flavorful coffee, and features a black phenolic base and handle, a stainless steel filter basket and perk tube, a plastic cover knob shows when the coffee is perking, a ready-to-serve light, a detachable chord, a coffee level indicator, and at the end of the brewing cycle, the percolator automatically switches over to a keep warm temperature.

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