Types of Coffee Grinders

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One of the things a coffee drinker can do to insure a great tasting coffee is to grind their own fresh beans. This was not always a simple process. Long-ago in the days of yore, both the hammer and flat rock were needed to smash coffee
beans. Even though the act of smashing was not all that difficult, it was time-consuming and there was a problem in getting a consistently even grind. These primitive tools were replaced by the roll grinder, still powered by hand.

There are two basic types of coffee grinders: those which have burrs and those which have blades. Which type of grinder you buy should depend upon the grinder’s intended use. Is it for espresso? for coffee? or both? If you want to grind very specific amounts you should consider getting a grinder with a doser. On the other hand, a grinder without a doser is just the item to grind a larger amount of beans at a time.

The BURR GRINDER is, without a doubt, the appliance to buy when accuracy and precision are important. There are two types of burr grinders: one with conical burrs, the other with

flat blades. Both varieties have a stationary burr, with the motor providing the power to spin the second burr. The coffee beans fall between the two burrs, thus getting ground. There are settings that allow selection of a specific coarseness or
fineness of the grind. Because of this, they are recommended for all types of grinds.

The BLADE GRINDER has a single blade closely resembling a propeller. Unfortunately, this type of grinder has no grind settings. The grind becomes finer and finer as you continue to grind; it is very important to watch the machine in this phase or you might get coffee dust. Blade grinders make the proper grind for drip coffee but don’t make specific enough grinds for espresso or coffee drinks that rely on exact grinds - blade grinders do not always grind consistently.
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