What IS Convection Cooking…
and How Does It Work?

A simple observation and a resulting innovation created convection ovens, and transformed cooking forever. By understanding that when the heating elements in an oven get hot, they not only heat and cook food that is in the oven, but also the air that is inside the oven and that surrounds the food. However, in a conventional oven, the heat is hottest near the heating elements, and thus cooks the food closest to the elements the quickest, and other parts of the food, away from the heating
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elements and away from the hottest air, are cooked slower, and thus it takes longer to fully cook any given food item, and irregular cooking results. A simple addition to the conventional oven solved these problems, and created convection cooking.

By adding a fan to the inside of an oven, the air heated by the heating elements is circulated throughout the inside of the oven, and all around the food. Thus, the hottest air is forced against the food and all around the food, providing all-around even cooking and faster cooking. As a general principle, a convection oven will cook the same food item as a conventional oven 25% faster.

Convection technology has been incorporated in all types of home kitchen ovens. Countertop ovens, broadly categorized as "Toaster Ovens" can provide basic, affordable convection cooking, basically by having added an interior fan to a traditional toaster oven. Kitchen ranges have been developed that add that extra fan so that convection cooking can be utilized in the preparation of large items normally cooked in a range, such as turkeys, large
casseroles, whole fish, or a large sheet of baked goods. And, countertop and over-the-oven convection microwaves are available that also utilize convection cooking for even cooking of items that do not normally do well in traditional microwaves.

Convection cooking was a great development for home cooks, making meal preparation faster, easier, and
producing better results than ever before.

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