Where to Put the Microwave?

If you have the expertise to do it yourself or the extra cash to have it done, mount in on the wall above the range or under a cabinet, but if you can't do it yourself or or can't have it done, then this question can be really important: Do you put it on a kitchen counter taking up a lot of room that you cannot spare, or put it across the room somewhere, out of the way, but making you have to walk back and forth, a couple of times at least, every time you need to use the microwave?
Well, there is a third alternative, and that one can work out for the best - Purchase a Microwave Cart or Cabinet! This added piece of kitchen furniture not only solves that problem of where to put the microwave, but it will give added convenience, and additional kitchen storage space. A wooden or synthetic wood cart or cabinet can be an attractive as well as useful addition to your kitchen, matching or complementing your existing decor. You can find such items in a variety of woods and finishes, as well as sizes. Some carts are counter-height, and serve as more counter space. Some cabinet types are much taller, and provide a significant amount of additional storage space, as well as that great, convenient spot for the microwave.

Besides wood and wood-like carts and cabinets, there are also many styles of metal carts available. They are generally more lightweight, and more frequently are on rollers - though there are many wood carts also available on rollers - so you would have the benefit of
  1. A place to keep your microwave oven;
  2. Additional storage space; and
  3. A moveable cart that you can roll up near your kitchen counter, range, refrigerator, or even table, while you prepare your meals, and then easily move it out of the way until prep time for your next meal.
There are microwave carts and cabinets in all price ranges, from well under $100.00, to several hundred dollars, depending on the size, material, and workmanship. A deluxe cart from a company such as Catskill Craftsmen may cost $400 to $500, but for that you have an elegant and long-lasting piece of fine furniture, as well as a great new convenience for your meal-making. If your choice is affordability and versatility, a metal cart on rollers can be acquired for less than $50.00.

You don't have to nail your new microwave oven to the wall, or let it take up limited and valuable counter space that you need for your food prep and plating.

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