The NEW NiftyKitchen.com

It took four long months to accomplish, but after 14 years of the original platform and design, it was time to build the all new NiftyKitchen.com, and that was completed on October 20, when in the late afternoon, the new site went live.

We have kept most of the existing departments and shops, though many are re-aligned and some re-named, but the entire site has a renewed focus on information, with our ever-expanding Food and Cooking Tips section the focal point of the site. New articles, new departments and new sections are all noted on the Home page as they are added, thought, as said, the focus there, as it is throughout the NEW NiftyKitchen.com, is information.

Suggestions are welcome as to thoughts on the new design, and our thousands of new products. What should we add, is there something missing that we should bring back, is there something that we should remove?

We will be adding informative articles and new products as close to every day as possible.

Thanks for your support over the last 14 years and we look forward to many, many more.

theHoundDawg for NiftyKitchen.com